Nature Explorers Day Camp
Day 1
June 27, 2016

Hello everyone my name is Allison Degnan & I’m 12 years old. I am a camper at J.N. Ding Darling!! Today was my first day, and to ever be at this camp! Today is a Monday by the way. I would like to share what my first day was like at camp. The day started off at 9 AM. I arrived there at around 8:50 AM but was taking pictures with my Auntie Shelbs.

Screen-Shot-2016-06-27-at-6.01.14-PMallison-goes-to-camp-2016-day-1-1 (1)
After taking pictures it was around 8:55 so we had headed upstairs into the room where camp was held. I was the first one there so it was easy for me to get to know the rangers/leaders/staff. The leaders got to know me as well and we just got to talk in general which was very nice for me. After talking, ¾ leaders left and got the other kids (which were picked up by bus, but I got driven there). When the kids walked in the room my face lit up with joy because I knew some of the kids from previous years of school and neighborhoods. I was glad I was not alone at camp because I kind of get shy around new people. We all got introduced to the fellow campers and staff members who were going to guide us through our 1 week of camp journey.

There were 13 campers, and 4 staff members attending all the kids: Girl: Cyidne, Girl: Phoebe, Girl: Leigh, Guy: Johnny. We got our #NatureExplorers t-shirts to change into and a basket of some cool stuff to design and put our names on and some were to use for the day/week. In our baskets were: 5 shirts(they give us a different one each day!), 1 water bottle, a bucket hat, a pin & a booklet and some colored pencils with an eraser on them. We got to design our own pins and hats, with anything but the one rule was that our name had to be on it. I had a leaf pin with greens and blue, and my hat had multi-color polka dots on it. The next thing we did was an ice breaker game which was super fun! So what an ice breaker is, is that someone throws you this huge ball with questions on it. Whatever question your right thumb Is closest to is the question you read aloud and answer to everyone. It helps people learn more about you. After our game we got a quick snack and drink and headed out for a nice hot and breezy hike. We got to see many animals SKAT (that’s a scientific term for poop) and also many birds and a mangrove snake!!!!! We saw a white iris, a heron, and some normal ducks. Our hike lasted an hour so we soon headed in for lunch. We had ham or turkey subs and any flavor chips with some blue Gatorade. I think they were from Bailey’s and it was so amazing!!

I LEARNED HOW TO TELL IF A SHELL IS ALIVE!!! If it has a trap door that is closed or if it is moving and it has something living inside of it!

After lunch we went back out for a tiny more hike time and we went in our air conditioned new bus, and we observed the outside or the whole refuge and we saw the same birds and a lot of crabs! That also lasted around an hour so we decided to head back in to make our own mini ovens to make s’mores out of!!! We used brand new pizza boxes and cut a big hole in it (but the lid kept flapping up!) and then we put black paper inside layered with tin foil on top and finally we put the s’more inside. We left them outside to let the s’more melt and become gooey and goodness from the natural heat of the sun and its rays. Meanwhile the s’mores were a brewin’, we went inside to play a trivia game on some panthers, tortoises, and birds and others animals and habitats. Then we went out to go get & eat our s’mores and man, were they delicious! That lasted at least 30 minutes because we were talking to each other as well. We went back inside and ten minutes later it was time to leave. It was definitely a fun filled day and I love this new camp! Much more fun to come and I will share that too!!!!!

Stay Posted!!! I’m sure there’s lots more exciting news you’ll love to hear! Until then…

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